Our highlighted video this issue is a jewel from the modern master of stage and screen Tyler Perry called "How To Be Successful". We believe such advice from one of the most successful minority entrepreneurs in entertainment today is valuable information indeed.


Do you agree with Tyler Perry's advice on focus? Is that the only way to build a successful empire, or are there other ways? What is your own personal story regarding the type of focus Perry says you must have in order to be successful?


Watch the video in its entirety, and then share your thoughts with the ONE Mag community by clicking here.




Seizing Opportunity
The beauty in getting paid to entertain.

Cover Story

Divinely Inspired
How obstacles and God-given gifts work together for ministry and entrepreneurship.


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Meet minority entrepreneurs in entertainment and discuss the industry.

Health & Wellness

Finding Her Voice
Singer Myshel shares on growing as an artist and making it in the business.

Tech Corner

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Devices and techniques to help you make your fortune without spending a fortune.

Life & Style

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Tips for creating a balanced chi for your home and office.

Health & Wellness

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Learn more about health issues that effect minorities and get helpful tips.

Home Business

Discover the Benefits
Learning the Eight Benefits of Home Business Ownership may help you follow that dream.


Your Plan B
Find another stream of income with one of the top five low-cost franchises of 2012.


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